Listening for God
Listening for God
Listening for God
Listening for God
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Listening for God

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his creative book, which contains some surprise interactive elements that your child will love, will become an invaluable resource to your family prayer life.

Katie Warner noted Catholic author of numerous wonderful books for children writes:  “Years ago, I started having my young children practice silent time each day. They loved the story of Elijah and the still small voice, and we’d talk about it in the same way this book does. 

That daily silent time practice became the seed concept for this book. I think it’s so important for little ones to learn early and intentionally how to quiet themselves so they can hear God’s voice. At first, our silent time training only lasted a minute. Then two, three, four minutes and more—a building block to future holy hours that our little ones will spend in the chapel or at home listening for God’s voice and getting to know their Savior and Best Friend.”

The ability to be silent is a skill that even many adults have never developed. Give your child this priceless gift and give it early, for it is one that will reap eternal rewards. 

Author: Katie Warner and Amy Rodriguez (illustrator)
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: TAN Books (2 February 2021)
ISBN: 9781505118926
Pages: 32
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